Thursday, August 29, 2013


Now, after more than half of year, i have to admit that i am no longer dating the man whom i usually said as my perfect match. Not that he's no longer my perfect match. But apparently, i am not his perfect match. Too bad it is.. But life it is..

But, to sum up, i am a survivor, and i survive, or surviving. And, to be underlined, i don't blame anyone. It's just what life gives me. And i take it as journey. Always a journey, my life :). You know what makes me sad the most? Knowing that i'm no longer having a lover who was able to continue my sentence before i even finished it. But it's okay, cause ya we're (and by we i mean me and anyone who feels the same) the type of guy who don't die easily. We are all Bruce Willis in real life.

The last part of it, i want to share something pretty funny i guess, to get it from the broken-up thingy. This is my broken-hearted-steps, haha, :

DAY 1 & 2  |  Feel sad and betrayed
DAY 3 & 4  |  Blaming myself
DAY 5  |  Feel angry
DAY 6 - 20  |  Feel messed up
DAY 21 - 23  |  Feel stupid
DAY 24 - present  |  Feel better, but keep looking the way to move on

Do you feel the same?

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